DFW Press release

February 7th, 2014


It is official, yet we are to get a big storm this weekend and to those that I called off for the month I apologize, but when I called you off the 30 day forecast had nothing in it.  That being said I am not sure if it will be enough.  The ground is dry and will soak up much of what we get.

I agree with DFW decision, though there were some unscrupulous types out last week before the meeting and they did do well.  Yet they did well on very stressed fish in puddles.  Not a good decision for those that care about fisheries in years to come.

Stay in tune and I will let you know what is going on as far as weather is concerned.

Latest News

January 29th, 2014


In short, coastal rivers are CLOSED to low flows to protect steelhead and salmon.  I agree with their decision whole heartedly.

Keep in tune for other related news.

A good listen if interested:


The impact of marijuana grows on local waters has been a serious concern over the past few years.  give it a listen…

Is there no hope:


Oh Boy, wanna buy a canteen?

January 23rd, 2014

Here is an update regarding current river conditions…

As most of you know, we have had only four days of open river since the beginning of the season (October), the rest of the time the rivers have been closed due to low flows.  We are down approximately 30+ inches of rain for the season and things are bleak.  Low flow closures are typically lifted Jan 31and the rivers remain open for the remainder of the season.  That being said, DFW is holding a special meeting Feb 5 to determine whether or not to close the rivers for the remainder of the season or to open them up.  Rumors I am hearing is that if we do not receive any rains by the 5th, they will close the rivers.

As of right now Accuweather is claiming 1/2-1″ Feb 3,4,5; Will that be enough…I doubt it…What little precipitation we have had has been soaked up by the ground and missed the rivers all together.

Right now the Trinity, Smith, Klamath and Chetco are the only games in town.  The Klamath and Trinity is more crowded than I have EVER seen it.  Smith and Chetco are being threatened to low flow closures.  Probably this week is what I hear.

Global Warming Anyone?

January 2nd, 2014

Well, the driest year in recorded history for the North Coast, we are down 33 inches for this time of year, yes 33″ of precipitation.  Not only that, PG&E has been allowed to reduce flows out of Lake Pillsbury from the mandated 100cfs to encourage the inflow of Salmon down to a never been done 25cfs.  The Van Duzen mouth is reduced to a trickle and will be dry soon.

Long range forecast is not promising either.  Very little rain is predicted for the month of January, not enough to open the rivers.  We can be hopeful though, we say that only fools and new comers predict the weather around here….

On a side note, the Trinity is fishing a bit better than early season, the fishing is a bit more consistent yet the river is getting pounded due to it being the only game in town.  There are many boats and fishermen on the water at any given time.

What this means for upcoming seasons no one is sure specifically, though it is not promising.  The weather here in Ferndale has been cold, not warming the water too much for the spawn, but in the upper reaches of the river there is a question as to whether or not the spawn will be able to return to the sea if the rivers do not come up.

I will be doing some trout trips to go play and tying flies until the rains come.

Date Availability with Discount!

December 3rd, 2013

Hi all, no rain yet but I have had a couple of cancellations and would like to offer them up at a discounted rate:

$300 per day, lodging included if you book two or more days consecutively.

Dec 27, 28, 29


This is Getting Old

November 23rd, 2013

Hi all, well we did get two inches of rain and it was enough to open the rivers for………..wait for it………..its coming…………..TWO DAYS!

Trinity:  Still very tough, low, clear, and getting pounded.

Rogue:  Fishing on the tough side but better than the Trinity.  Stay high, from the hatcher down to Touvelle.  Good luck

Eel and Van Duzen:  We saw a boat load of salmon push through the days that the river was open and got a little flow.  Though there were few very bright fish, I am assuming they were holding in the 12th street area, we need more rain and nothing is in the forecast.  Do a rain dance, burn effigies, something!

Nothing New

October 21st, 2013

Trinity:  The Trinity remains tough, definitely not like last year.  There are fish in the system, not many and they are very spread out.  I’d like to say its getting better but the reality is the fish are just trickling in and will continue to do so until we get a good rain, not in the forecast though.

Klamath:  The Klamath remains the best game in town but that is not saying much.  The fish are a bit more concentrated but it is really a game of halfounders.

Coast:  The Coast remains closed until we get a good rain.  If you are willing a fisherman could go into tidewater and do pretty good.  From Cockrobin Island down there are plenty of fish waiting to get into the river.

Do a rain dance!!!!

Waiting for Rain

October 8th, 2013

Well coastal rivers (Eel and SF Eel opened one day last week.  What had happened is we got a fair amount of rain but most of it was soaked up by the land and little went into the rivers.  They briefly came up, a boat load of Salmon pushed way up river in a hurry from tide water and disappeared.  Now we need another real good rain to get the rivers to open up and bring the fish to their usual holding waters.

That being said, the fishermen at the mouth of all rivers are claiming there are huge amounts of fish waiting to enter the rivers.  The Klamath has been the best bet so far, there have been steelhead pushing up river and fishermen are doing well on adults as well as half pounders.

The trinity is seeing some fish but the numbers are just not there yet.  The lower river is doing reasonably well considering the time of year and there are a few that have pushed all the way up.  That being said covering much water will be the name of the game to find fish.  The water is pretty clear so stick with the smaller flies and lighter tippets.

Good Luck!


August 29th, 2013

Here it is Aug 29th and I have been home for a week from working at The Lodge at Palisades Creek for the summer.  Again, another tremendous season there and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to get there.  The fishing was pretty solid for the summer though water temps and levels were unseasonable.

The highlights of the season was June when the Drakes, Salmon flies, Yellow Sallys and Stones were all coming off.  We had a stretch of 60-100 fish days that lasted about a week.  Awesome!  I also want to express my gratitude to all at TLAPC for treating me like family, great bunch there!

As for the up coming steelhead season, the ocean fishermen are seeing great numbers of salmon and they are a good indicator of the steelie season.  the rivers on the coast are crazy low with the nasty algae so stay out of the water and definitely keep your animals out.  We need a couple of good rains.

The Klamath and Trinity are yet to be fishing, water temps should drop shortly and things will warm up!

Keep tuned in, I will be posting relatively regular now


April 5th, 2013

Just spent the last five days and the Owyhee and I am telling you now:  Put it on your bucket list!

Brown trout up the wazoo and even the small ones were big.  In short, I arrived Sat at noon, put on a skwala and picked a few up, enough to keep things interesting.  Cooked dinner, and went back out to midges and BWO’s.  The Same went for the mornings…

In the end, I never put on a nymph and loved every minute.  The highlights were three fish over 20″, and the rest were pretty close.  I was told the water was very low but the flows will rise in late April and May making for better fishing.

Keep checking the blog for other adventures, McCloud, Hat, Eagle, etc between now and the end of June.  On the 15th of June I am headed back to Lodge at Palisades Creek in Swan Valley ID for another season on the SF Snake.

Take Care